Financial Coaching For Organizations

Giving your staff or team access to the services of financial coaching professionals can help them feel supported as they work to resolve financial challenges and achieve greater financial strength.

Personal finance issues can increase your team’s stress levels, affect their productivity, and detract from the overall atmosphere. Proactively addressing employees’ financial concerns can improve their sense of well-being and transform your work environment.

Although our coaching programs are customized to your needs, each program shares the common goal of making a lasting difference in your employees’ lives. Some may feel an instant boost in their financial confidence; often a person’s stress can be reduced just by getting a few questions answered. Others may experience long-term benefits as they translate the coaching support into positive life action.

Financial Coaching Customization Process

To accommodate a wide variety of schedules and needs, we offer coaching and financial education services that best fit your situation. During the initial program design process, we will analyze your unique situation and data to create a mix of coaching methods and delivery options that meet your needs and outcome goals.

At set points during the coaching process, we provide your organization with detailed program reports. This reporting includes details on attendance, test results, survey feedback, and other program measures. To respect and protect team members’ privacy, no personal financial data will be shared.

Each organization has specific needs and constraints when offering team members access to financial coaches. We have built our organization program to be flexible to accommodate the needs of different organizations and team members.

Complete Participant Experience

We provide complete solutions to your financial wellness program needs, including a focus on ensuring that participants have a positive experience. Depending on your selections, participants may receive:

Marketing & Promotional Resources

Invitations & Reminders to Participants

Top-quality Educational Resources & Handouts

Online Learning Center Access

Financial Planning Tools & Resources

Personal Financial Planning Reports