24 Minutes Weekly Toward Financial Wellness

If you work a standard 40-hour work week, 24 minutes is just 1% of the time you spend earning money. You owe it to yourself, your family, and your personal dreams to invest a little time each week into your finances. This challenge will help you accomplish that objective.

We want to encourage you to establish a schedule of paying regular attention to your personal finances and advancing your understanding so you can reach your financial goals. Just taking 24 minutes each week can help you reduce the number of years you have to spend working and, we hope, allow you to enjoy more life experiences that are important to you.

The Key to Success with Your Finances

This 24-minute weekly challenge is open to people from all financial situations, and provides custom activities for the most common circumstances. Of course, you can spend more time than 24 minutes – set aside 48 minutes (2% of a 40-hour work week), 72 minutes (3%), or 96 minutes (4%) as a challenge to supercharge your progress.

Everybody is different, so we designed this challenge so you can participate in the way that best aligns with your situation. Choose from these options:

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Designed to Maximize Your Time and Results

The formal challenge is designed in alignment with research-based educational strategies to help you make best use of your time. Yes, the challenge will require time, dedication, and overcoming things that are holding you back – but the potential results are worth it.

We take you through a structured process that will help you focus your efforts and can improve your results.